Welcome to, the website created by AORUS Pte. Ltd. As a visitor, you are able to browse selected information on the website without providing your personal identity information. AORUS may ask for certain personal information from you to enable us to provide you with particular services or information upon your request. Please read our privacy policy below for your understanding about how we use and protect your personal information.

Collection and international transmission of your personal information

AORUS may collect certain personal information from you when you browse the web pages, use selected services or participate in selected online activities on our website(s). The purposes of such collection are to have a better understanding regarding online user activities, and for customized promotion activities. You will have the chance to choose whether to provide additional personal information to AORUS. AORUS will never ask you to provide special personal information, such as your medical record, genetic information, sexual life, or health examination, and criminal conviction background information, etc. Your personal information provided to AORUS may be transferred between AORUS’ affiliates and AORUS’ agents or contractors internationally, and may be stored and processed by them. AORUS recommends parents and guardians to accompany their children to browse this website.

Classification of personal information and purpose of collection.

  • AORUS may ask you to provide your name, address, e-mail address, telephone and facsimile number, and other personally identifiable information.
  • AORUS’ purposes of collection includes but not limited to:
    1. When you purchase AORUS’ product or service, AORUS may collect your information for registration, providing technical support, product upgrade, discount, pursuing outstanding payments, and product shipment or other promotions.
    2. When you subscribe AORUS’ marketing materials, AORUS may collect your information for sending those marketing materials; however, you may unsubscribe it at any time.
    3. When you participate any event held by AORUS, AORUS may use your information to confirm your identity, notify you any activities, and communicate with you.
    4. When you seek any supports from AORUS, AORUS may use your personal information for providing you with support services, remedial services, user experience survey, customer’s satisfaction analysis and customer feedback.
    5. When you raise questions to AORUS, AORUS may use your information to reply your questions or to do relevant search.


Disclosure of your personal information

AORUS processes your information with due care and consideration and will not sell or lend your information to any third party. AORUS may use any personal information provided by you for identification reasons whilst you access the website. AORUS and all members of our corporate family reserve the right to combine the information collected from you with the information gotten from a third party for marketing use or service purpose.

Security of your personal information

AORUS commits to protect the security of your personal information. AORUS will not allow any third party to access to your personal information without your prior consent. AORUS uses the appropriate protection mechanisms, technologies and internal procedures to maintain the security of your information and prevent any unauthorized access of your information. In certain circumstances, AORUS may use a standard SSL and SET mechanism to protect the transfer of your personal information. However, AORUS cannot guarantee a perfect security on the internet. AORUS recommends you to keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Maintenance & Management

AORUS reserves the right at any time and under any circumstance to remove personal information provided by users, customers or otherwise. AORUS further reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue or terminate any users' accesses to all or part of the website content without any prior notification.

Search and update your information

In order to keep your personal information accurate, you may view, revise and edit your registration information by logging on this website.

Links to third party web sites and service

This website may contain links to other web sites, or use service provided by a third party (ex. Google Analytics).
If a third party’s website collects your personal information (e.g., age, sex, and hobby), AORUS is not responsible for the act of the third party.


AORUS and its contractors may use cookies, web beacons, and the personal information to personalize your online experience and improve our services. For example, we use a cookie to remember the country and language preferences you selected on our web site or to track your browse record on our website. Or we use web beacons to track traffic in eDM delivery. You may turn off cookies in your browser.
AORUS uses “Google Analytics” to collect information about use of this website to improve this site. Google Analytics collects information of users’ visit frequency, visited pages, and prior visited website before users’ coming to this site. Google Analytics collects only the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit this site, rather than your personal identifying information. We do not combine the information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable information. You can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on return visits to this site by disabling cookies on your browser. You may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics Opt-out Page.
AORUS uses Google Analytics’ 3rd-party audience data such as age, gender and interests to better understand the behavior of our online users and work with third parties that collect information about your online activities to provide advertising targeted to suit your interests and preferences. You may see certain ads on this website or other websites because we contract with Google or third parties to target our ads based on information we or they have collected, including information that was collected through automated means (such as cookies and web beacons). These third parties also use automated technologies to collect information when you click on our ads, which helps track and manage the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. You may opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google Advertising Opt-out Page.

Contact Us

Should you have any enquiries in respect of the above privacy policy or the way in which AORUS manages personal information, please contact AORUS directly via Contact Us.

Amendment and announcements of the Privacy Policy

AORUS reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time. AORUS will notify you about significant changes by placing a prominent notice on our web site.