Why are we so passionate for gaming.

Imprinted in an old breed of board games, 
embedded in our blood and DNA,
gaming was the trial of courage, strength, and wisdom that challenged us to battle our weaknesses since the earliest days.

We challenged. We fought. We conquered.
Inspired to surpass expectations, 
determined to become the very best.
We aimed for victory, for success!

In ancient Egypt, in a told tale from our ancestors, victory was bestowed upon only those who were watched over by the great Horus. Derived the spirit from the ancient deity, AORUS rises. Spreads its wings and soars above, transcending victory and success, and alters gaming perspective.

We let dedication distinguish us, 
let perseverance describe us.
Victory is no longer the only goal;
Winning is an attitude, not an outcome!

AORUS’ commitment is to you.
To be in the forefront of innovation.
To provide the arsenals needed to combat your mission.
To be with you, in every step of the way, towards legendary.
To challenge our limits, immerse in this journey of gaming.
Let the gaming begin